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and inspire success!
2024 Keynote:

Whole Life as a
Modern Portfolio Asset

The best environment
for whole life in 80 years

Are doubts causing your advisors to hold back and under-serve their clients? Doubts in their abilities to handle objections? Or maybe doubts that using whole life insurance isn’t the optimal strategy?
With 20 years of experience positioning whole life insurance and competing against its alternatives, I will help your advisors gain the confidence and conviction necessary to inspire clients to action. Here’s what they’ll get from his talk:

  • Deep understanding of current interest rates and the resulting bond market outlook.

  • The economics of whole life insurance and why the current market environment is historically supportive.

  • How section 7702 changed everything.

  • NEW proprietary research demonstrating why this may be the best time in 80 years to buy whole life.

  • Actionable reports on whole life as a volatility buffer.

  • Resources and concepts to immediately take massive action.

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