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After 20 years in the life insurance industry as an advisor, wholesaler, product expert, and home office leader, I took a major leap to carry the torch for the whole life insurance industry on my own terms. Misinformation and competing ideologies have stood in the way of people adopting this amazing, centuries-old financial product. I've studied and achieved a Ph.D. under many of the smartest people in financial services academia, spoken to thousands of advisors in my travels, and worked behind the scenes with the actuaries and engineers of these amazing vehicles.  I can tell you with honesty and integrity that participating whole life insurance from the right companies, particularly in 2022 and beyond, is the best kept secret in financial planning.

For advisors, I host the study group Whole Life Masterminds, where I distill decades of experience and education into an ongoing program that will transfer my confidence and conviction to them.  It also connects them with thought leadership and best practices from top 1% advisors and other special guests. If you want to be more impactful and effective in this space for your clients, it's a no-brainer to join and level up your practice.

For individuals, I have just published my first book with approachable concepts you can use with or without an advisor.  Click here to get your copy.  And if you're already prepared to speak with someone for help, please reach out and I can connect you with my nation-wide network of trusted friends and professionals.

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